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United Arab Emirates’ NREN Ankabut establishes direct link to GEANT in support of transnational education

DATE : 2021-02-09
Ankabut, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) National Research and Education Network (NREN) has recently established its first direct interconnection with the GÉANT network in Europe. This successful operation will provide direct, secure and high-quality connectivity primarily between the many European International Branch Campuses (IBCs) present in the UAE and their home institutions. The 1G dedicated…

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Ankabut partners with Huawei for cloud & software defined data center expansion project

DATE : 2020-12-07
Organizations will seek to provide innovations solutions to more universities and academic institutions across the Middle East Dubai, UAE – December 07, 2020: Ankabut, the UAE’s Advanced National Research and Education Network offering academic institutions connectivity to other education networks around the world, will be working with Huawei to expand one of the leading education clouds in the UAE…

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Ankabut Integrates Educhain to Launch Digital Certificates Platform for the UAE

DATE : 2020-11-25
Ankabut Blockchain to Provide Applications to Manage, Issue, Attest, Share, and Verify Any Academic Record November 25, 2020 – Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Khalifa University of Science and Technology managed Ankabut, the Emirates Advanced National Research and Education Network, today announced – has launched ‘Ankabut Blockchain’, a digital certificate platform for the issuance, attestation, and exchange…

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"Schooling may soon be conducted online, say experts" by Gulf News

DATE : 2018-04-24
Abu Dhabi: With the emergence of comprehensive online learning, the UAE will be able to confidently set up towns that do not have any schools within them within the next five years, top industry experts said in the capital on Tuesday. All the learning will take place online to serve a generation that thrives on its tablets and smartphones, they added, speaking at a panel convened on the second day…

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